We make garage door maintenance fast and easy.

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We offer you the best garage door maintenance service. We keep records of your garage doors so we can make periodical revisions to make sure that everything is in good shape. We can help you with a tune-up.

As important is to replace or fix your broken garage door system as to keep it in good shape for as long as possible.

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An annual garage door tune-up helps ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety.

Each step of the tune-up takes 10 minutes or less and is worth it to keep your garage door in good working order. Garage doors that are neglected can put a lot of stress on an automatic garage door opener.

How to detect a problem on your garage door?

You can tell that you’re about to encounter problems with your garage door and automatic opener by jerky movements and grating, scraping sounds. A well-maintained, well-tuned garage door is relatively quiet at it moves up and down, and you should not see jerkiness in its motion. Look at both sides of the system—the springs, pulleys, and cables—and make sure they look symmetrical.